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Blog Anniversary Giveaway-Win a Copy of Do The Work!


I am celebrating each Friday in August with a book and artwork giveaway in honor of my blog’s 4th anniversary.

This first Friday I am giving away a copy of Do The Work! by Steve Pressfield and one of my Lucky Sprite sculptures.

Do The Work! book cover

I first heard about Pressfield’s book in Pam Slim’s blog post on creative blocks. Not only did Pam’s blog post strike a nerve, so did her interview with Steve Pressfield where he discussed the content of his new book.

And just what is in Do The Work! that makes me want to give away a copy?

Do The Work!  is Pressfield’s manifesto about resistance. Something all creatives face, whether you are an artist, a writer, an engineer, or a teacher. If you work on any type of project, at some point in the process resistance rears its head.

And then what do you do?

I love this quote from the book “On the field of the Self stand a knight and a dragon. You are the knight. Resistance is the dragon.”

In order to defeat resistance, you must slay the dragon. Pressfield gives you simple, direct advice on defeating the dragon.

Do The Work! is a short book, less than 100 pages and can easily be read in one sitting. And those pages are powerful. I’ve read my copy twice and given one copy as a gift. Now I’d like to give one of my readers a copy too.

If you’d like to enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this post sharing how you deal with resistance. Or maybe you don’t deal with it. Please include an email address when you leave a comment so I may notify you if you win.

Along with Do The Work! you will also receive one of my Lucky Sprite sculptures. Because we can all use a little luck when trying to slay the dragon.

Lucky Sprite

Comments will remain open till midnight EST on Tuesday, August 9. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday. Giveaway items will be shipped via USPS and limited to U.S. residents. I apologize for the restriction on shipping.

This giveaway is now complete. The winner was Linda Easton.

14 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary Giveaway-Win a Copy of Do The Work!

  1. Congratulations on your blog anniversary Amy! I am trying to start blogging myself and have a difficult time figuring out what I want to share. I don’t handle resistance well and I realize that I sometimes purposely put resistance in my own way all the time. I need to get with it and can use any help I can get.

    • Thanks Mags. When I started blogging, I imposed my own expectations that made it rather challenging for myself. My perfectionist side felt I had to blog 5x/week. That was great for a while but then it became a burden. I’ve swung from many posts a week to those fallow periods where I’m lucky if I post 1x/week. As with much of life, it is all about balance. And deciding what your goals are for your blog.
      Yep, I’m familiar with that old resistance roadblock that we throw down in front of ourselves. Half the battle is recognizing it.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I admire your full-time artistic endeavors. When resistance rears its head I sometimes find that taking a break in fresh air clears my thoughts and lets me intuitively figure out what I need to do next. Obviously that’s more helpful on nicer days. 🙂
    Best, Diane

    • Thanks Diane. I agree; getting back to nature is always a good thing. Sometimes I find myself getting all distracted and jumbled inside, like I want to scream. Then I know I have to take myself for a walk to burn off the energy and get grounded. On yucky days I might just take a nap instead!

  3. Wow – 4 years! Congrats that’s quite the commitment!
    I deal with resistance by giving into it and changing directions for a while. Stepping away from what I’m working on always brings new perspective. Getting myself out into nature for a while is the most helpful break to take, and renews my senses so that I can approach things in a different direction.
    And nature always brings renewal for me!
    Kind regards,

    • Thanks Linda. Great that you are able to give in to resistance and work with it. Kind of like dealing with fear, recognizing it and talking to it. Getting back to nature is a popular theme in dealing with resistance and other “voices.” Glad that it works well for you.

  4. You may have read my own posts about getting out of the creative slump ( and ( But I’ve really found that the best way to get over it is to just make a “mark” and pretend that there are no such things as mistakes—to accept that every mark, good or bad, is an important part of the process.

    • You’re right Denise. Part of the battle in resistance or the creative slump is simply showing up. Like you said, you can make a mark, or flip through magazines or art books. Anything to remain in touch with art & creativity. Remain open and something will be triggered. Also enjoyed reading the two blog posts you shared. Thanks.

  5. Hi Amy,

    Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary!

    Procrastination is my area of resistance. The Pomodoro Technique helps tremendously. I highly recommend the technique. Here is the link to the free website:

    Best wishes for many more blogging anniversaries,

    Jan Foster

    • Hi Jan and thanks. Ah yes, procrastination is a biggie. I’m familiar with that one too 🙂 Thanks for sharing the link on the Pomodoro Technique. I’ve do something similar for 30 or 55 minute intervals. Not sure what it is about that timer but it does help!

  6. As an elementary school teacher for 37 years I didn’t seem to have a problem with resistance at the job . The resistance I encounter has always been with my personal endeavors like claying, crafting, dieting, etc. I find making a list helps me get started or giving myself a limited time to work on what I want to accomplish will get me going. Most of all I’m learning to accept that things don’t have to be perfect or the best

    • Linda, I think one of the hardest things to learn is that we don’t have to do it all or do it perfectly. List making is a great approach to decrease the overwhelm. And setting a timer is another great approach. It helps with focus and moves us closure to completion.

  7. Resistance distracts me from my painting by placing obstacles in my way…making everyday chores larger than they need to be and overwhelming me with all the other clutter in my life. I tend to be most creative in spurts because of this! Many times when I am feeling like I will never be able to make the time to paint again, I will get a nudge from somewhere, whether it is a random phone call from someone who saw my work and loved it, an acceptance into a juried show, or an unexpected sale that will bring me back into my creative self, and allow me to block out the distractions.

    • Amy, it is good that you’re open to those calls to creativity. I understand how the obstacles, the changes in plans or schedules, can make getting through the day a bigger challenge. One motto that I try to remember in those times is that there are things we can control and things we can’t. I give myself 15 minutes of “whine time” and then take a deep breath and move forward or through.

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