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Sights Around Albi, France


During Dayle’s workshop, one of the field trips we take is to Albi. Albi is in southern France in the Tarn department. Its history can be traced all the way back to Bronze Age (3000-600 BC.) I didn’t see any remnants from that time period. We typically visit Albi to see the Toulouse Lautrec Museum and the St. Cecile Cathedral.

This was my second visit to Albi. Instead of taking many pictures of the Cathedral, as I did last time, I tried to focus my attention on the textures and colors. I hope you enjoy these images of Albi.

Can you believe the color of the blue sky?

And a few images from St. Cecile Cathedral

To learn more about St. Cecilia, click here

To learn more about the St. Cecile Cathedral in Albi, click here

Until my next post,

A bientot

3 thoughts on “Sights Around Albi, France

  1. Mmmmm.. mmmmm….mmmmm. Breathtaking… all I can say.

    • Breathtaking indeed, Judy. I must say that on the first trip, everything is stunning. The second time, you really start to look at the little things. Now if there is a third time…..

  2. The 3rd photo down is exquisite.

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