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The Magic of Soreze, France


Over the next few weeks, I plan to share with you some of my favorite pictures taken during our trip to France. Today, we start with images of Soreze.


Soreze is a magical village located in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France, in the Tarn department. The village forms part of a triangle that extends from Albi to Toulouse to Carcassone. Soreze can trace its origins and development all the way back to 754 when Pepin of Aquitaine founded the Benedictine Abby Notre-Dame of Sagne in the fortified town of Verdinius.

Today, Soreze remains a source of history and culture. It has a long history of being home to artists and craftsmen.

The Images

On this trip I was focused on capturing images that would inspire my new series of artwork, Snapshots and Memories from Languedoc-Rousillion. Soreze is an excellent source of inspiration for this new series. Lots of colors, textures, doors, shutters, and statuary.

Festival Greeters

Soreze Side Street

Flower Pots

French Tabbys


Doors, Windows & Door Knockers


I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of Soreze and its magical surroundings.

Until my next post,

A bientot

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Soreze, France

  1. Wow.. Amy.. I’m catching up on your blog… just great.. I love all the pictures and your sketches. It really pays off to sketch everyday, doesn’t it. I love the side street.

    • The sketching has been interesting, Judy. I’ve always had a bit of built-in resistance to it. This time around, I’m trying to choose themes to keep my interest. Depending on what I sketch, ideas for artwork pops into my head. And it does train your eye for detail.

      The side streets in the French villages are lovely. Such character and charm.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Lovely shots, the beauty is in the details! I love shots of architectural details, like doors, windows & unusual angles.

    • Thanks Shelley. One of my goals on this trip was to try and shoot more artistic images. Some worked, some not so much. But it was all fun and beautiful, even if I couldn’t capture it.

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