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From Inspiration to Creation: Taking an Idea & Making It My Own with a Little Help from My Friends


I’m always on the lookout for sources of inspiration as I work on my new line of work with polymer clay focal disks. A recent source of inspiration came from Ford and Forlano’s O’Keefe pin.

O'Keeffe Pin: Steven Ford and David Forlano: Silver & Clay Pin - The...

O’Keeffe Pin: Steven Ford and David Forlano: Silver & Clay Pin – The… (clipped to

I love the shape and construction of their pin. I thought to myself “Self, that would make a very cool focal disk.” And then I thought “How the heck did they do that?”

My intent was not to replicate Ford & Forlano’s O’Keefe pin. There is no way I could do that anyways. Rather, I wanted to figure out how to create a similar shape with my own style.

The shape and design reminded me of a ribbon. So using that as my starting point I rolled a thin strip of clay and wrapped it into a rose-like shape resulting in experiment #1.

Experiment #1 "Toothy"

Ribbon Disk Experiment #2

Uhm, well, those are interesting but not exactly what I had in mind.

Scratch head, look at picture of pin again, and give it another go.

Rose Disk #1

Rose Disk with Striped Tentacles

Okay, this is a slight improvement but the walls are still too high and I think the clay strips still too thin.

Time to call in the posse, er, my friends. Another set of eyes (or two or three) can be helpful. Maybe they’ll see something I’m not. I ping the folks on Polymer Clay Central. I talk to Dayle and Paula, Karen, and Judy. Everyone has different interpretations but also some similarities in the construction. This is good because I’m getting insight from folks who work in polymer clay, pottery, fiber and mixed media.

Out comes the clay again to experiment. We experiment together with the clay, commenting and making suggestions on how to manipulate the clay. Ah ha, I think we’re on to something here.

Purple Focal Disks

Oh yes, this is much closer to what I had in mind. Thank you dear friends for your input and suggestions.

Since those little purple disks were created, I’ve been experimenting even more, adding my own spin on things, letting the clay lead me and including texture, protuberances, and, of course, faces.

Untitled Striped Disk




I can’t wait to pair some of these disks with encaustic backgrounds. It will give them a completely different look. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “From Inspiration to Creation: Taking an Idea & Making It My Own with a Little Help from My Friends

  1. I adore the one titled ‘Solitude”! Have fun experimenting.

  2. What a wonderful process of evolution going on here, Amy! I was honored to assist with your creative process. I love how Solitude (Mr. Marley) turned out!

  3. As the Beatles sang.. “I get by with a little help from my friends……….” The face is the winner for me. Great experiments, Amy.

  4. I also LOVE Solitude- such good work Amy (and friends!)

    • Seems “Solitude” is the big winner in this experimental group. It is one of my favorites too. Afterall, who can resist a good face?

      Judy, I had that Beatles song going thru my head as I wrote this post. Very appropro.

      Karen, it is definitely an evolutionary process here. It is fun to take those first experimental pieces and see how the process grows and changes.

      Thanks Dayle & Amanda. I appreciate everyone’s support.

  5. Loving the direction your going in… Your head must be swimming with ideas now!

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