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Heard On The Blogosphere This Week


Some interesting & amusing thoughts from the blogosphere this week.

How did you feel about the death of Osama bin Laden? Celebratory? Sad and reflective? I found myself with mixed emotions. This post by Susan Piver put into words that which I could not.

The 10 Failures of Donald Trump Remember Trump Vodka? Me either.

You cannot help those who are not ready to receive it: Alyson Stanfield shared an excellent post from her archives reminding us to resist the urge to be fixers. Her focus is on artists but you can easily change the word “artist” to anyone.

Fake quotes? Ever wonder if those quotes you read online were really said by the person that they are attributed to? Here is an interesting case of a comment that morphed into a quote with the whole thing being attributed to MLK.

Ladies, are you wearing pants?

2 thoughts on “Heard On The Blogosphere This Week

  1. I can’t say I am unhappy that Bin Laden no longer walks this earth, but this is very far from over and someone will be right behind him. With that said, it nice to know that our intel has proven to work and that USA will find other wanted/ dangerous murderers set out to destroy us. I used to have a tiny bit of respect for Trump, but now, all that’s gone. He’s trouble.

    • My first thought was disbelief. It was such a surprise, it seemed unreal. Then my thoughts turned to those who lost loved ones on 9/11 & how this must’ve brought back painful memories. It isn’t my place to judge those who felt a need to celebrate. But celebrating didn’t feel appropriate for me.

      Trump is the new Sarah Palin for the media. The media still hasn’t learned not to feed certain people’s egos by giving them more attention.

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