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The Daily Head: 4/8/11


This little guy, I’ll call him Fob, was inspired by a networking discussion and how sculpting heads might transform into a polymer clay class.

On the one hand, it may be too early to even think about something like that because this self-challenge is supposed to be fun. On the other hand, the whole idea of doing this self-challenge was to wake up the creative muse and maybe she wants me to develop new classes to teach.

Fob is made from a Skinner blend, rolled into a log and shaped. Simple face construction, texture, baked, sanded, acrylic wash, and buffed. Fob is almost 3″ long.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Head: 4/8/11

  1. Oh now, I like Fob. I like the length and just holding him in your and, I bet, is comfortable because of the buffing. Love the face down low. Again, the antiquing in the crevices is delicious. You could call your workshop.. “Go to the Head of the Class”.. Ha.

  2. Love the playfulness of Fob- he looks like he is up to something- probably not something good- but fun!

  3. Fob is great, Amy – so wonderful and imaginative. I’m enjoying your “parade of heads”. 😉

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