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Accomplishments in 2010


A couple of years ago I began keeping track of all my accomplishments throughout the year. I was motivated to do this by Alyson Stanfield who posed a year end question: What did you accomplish this year? Too often I would think back on the year and ask myself “What the heck did I do this year?” Seems we tend to remember those things we didn’t do or the things that went wrong instead of the things that we accomplished.

By keeping track of the big and small accomplishments, I can most assuredly say “Wow, I DID all that!”

So, as we start a new year and with that year end question in mind, here is my list of accomplishments for 2010:

  • Started teaching polymer clay classes, including a 4 week session in my studio
  • Celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary
  • Traveled to Italy
  • Featured interview: Bolton Common’s Uncommon Conversation
  • Started accountability partnership with Sarah L
  • Attended Daniel Pink book lecture, Elizabeth Gilbert book reading, & Maya Angelou lecture
  • Submitted annual sales tax payment
  • Provided polymer clay art demos
  • Attended the Synergy 2 conference in Baltimore, MD
  • Grew my customer mailing list
  • Read 6-7 books
  • Interviewed on Hudson local cable channel
  • Received new wholesale orders and wholesale re-orders
  • Ended sales contracts that were no longer in line with my goals
  • Visited the following exhibits: Tim Burton at MOMA; the Frick Collection (NY); Extraordinary: Puppet Storytelling & Spirit at New Art Center (Newton); Harry Potter at MoS; Charles LeDray: workworkwork at ICA
  • Attended FELA! The Musical (NY), Zakir Hussain concert, Pat Methany’s Orchestrion concert, Stanley Clarke w/Hiromi jazz concert, and Cirque du Soliel’s Ovo
  • Exhibitor: Fitchburg Art Museum’s 75th Regional Exhibit of Art & Craft; Paradise City Arts Festival (Marlboro); Bolton Artisans Guild 7th Annual Holiday Show; ArtSpace 10th Annual Holiday Art Show
  • Documentaries & PBS specials watched: Herb & Dorothy; This Emotional Life; Independent Lens: Young at Heart; The Buddha; The Human Spark; Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child
  • Teleseminars attended: Hiro Boga’s-Sovereignty; Follow the Yellow Brick Road; Healing Internet Hangover; Julie Stuart’s Mapping Your Business; Pam Slim & Charlie Gilkey’s Compassionate Business Review; Think Big, Act Small.
  • Sent my e-newsletter 7 out of 8 months
  • Started mentoring a fellow RBBP class member
  • Started meditating, again

You can see that, in my book, accomplishments are not all business related. There are fun and entertaining things we accomplish, appointments we keep (or finally make), books we read, people we meet, and self-care desires we complete.

What are some of the big and small things you accomplished in 2010? Will this be your year to keep track of all those wonderful, delicious, and special things you do?

6 thoughts on “Accomplishments in 2010

  1. Wow Amy! You accomplished a lot in 2010! Happy New Year to you! It’s a great idea because I just cannot seem to remember what I accomplished this past year. Hopefully it’s just old age setting in. lol

  2. Wow is right ~ Well done ~ and actually just stopped by to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year to you ~

    hugs and namaste,

  3. To see it all written down like that really brings out the WOW factor. Huge accomplishments, indeed! Congrats.

    • Thanks Judy, Paula, Carol, and Susan. This is a great exercise, keeping track of monthly accomplishments. I can no longer say “I didn’t do anything this year!”

  4. That’s quite an impressive list of accomplishments! I admire your energy… Happy New Year! We missed getting a card from you this year but I hope you had a Merry Christmas! 🙂

    Love, Paula

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