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December Views Project 12/02/10


December Views Project

For more information on the December Views Project, click here.

Self-Portraits as Therapy

12/1/10: Visited the doctor to get some answers to questions about this health issue. Here is how I felt before my appointment.

I thought to myself that I should stop using a mirror to view my image. Found a wrinkle I didn’t know existed.

12/2/10: So yesterday the doctor took a biopsy and I had blood drawn. Today I was back for one more test. And now I wait.

I left the doctor’s office feeling like I’m in a bit of a black hole with a glimmer of good news hanging around the edge. I’m not really up to saying what is going on at this time. Suffice to say I’m getting older and my body is being treacherous. I’ll know more next week Thursday at my appointment.

4 thoughts on “December Views Project 12/02/10

  1. Blessings to you, Ms Amy! That dreamlike state of waiting for the other shoe to drop…willing yourself not to anticipate…floating that hope-balloon like Winnie the Pooh at the Honey Tree… you’re in my thoughts & prayers.

    Peace Love & Pomegranates


  2. Just catching up on your blogs. Love your self portraits… Was one of your pictures going to the dreaded doctor? Draw some pictures of candles… that will only generate positivity… cuz you know they are lit for you.

  3. Thinking of you Amy. LOVE the cat ornaments- xo Dayle

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