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Artisan Search 2011-Taking Another Leap


Last week I took another leap of faith. I submitted artwork to the Cloth, Paper, Scissors (CPS) Artisan Search 2011. The CPS Artisan Search 2011 offered artists a choice five categories to enter: Mixed media stitch, Art Journal & Bookmaking, Printmaking & Silk screening, Mixed media jewelry, and Collage & Assemblage.

When I first heard about this competition, I didn’t even consider entering it. I thought “My work doesn’t fit into any of those categories” and “They’re not going to consider a polymer clay artist.” Talk about eliminating myself from the competition before even giving it a chance.

Later, a friend mentioned she was thinking about submitting her artwork. We agreed to enter the competition together (“If you do it, I’ll do it.”) Judy followed through on her plans and submitted her mixed media artwork

I, however, was dealing with wholesale orders and getting things ready for my upcoming polymer clay classes. The idea of entering the competition fell further and further from my mind.

Then my friend Karen explained how to take even better pictures, so I could get the whole piece in focus. That greatly influenced my decision to enter this competition. With this explanation, I practiced taking some pictures and finally felt confident that I could submit pictures of three pieces and feel good about the image quality.

The three pieces I submitted are below. We were able to submit one full shot and up to two close-up shots. I entered these pieces in the collage and assemblage category.

Entry 1: The Belle of Bell Tavern

The Belle of Bell Tavern

Belle of Bell Tavern: Head shot

Belle of Bell Tavern: Base

Materials: Polymer clay, wool roving, paper, wire, antique wall shelf (inverted), found objects, ribbon, acrylic paint, soft pastels.

Dimensions: 16.5″h; 8″w x 4″ (base)

Entry 2: Insecurity Wears a Black Shroud

Insecurity Wears a Black Shroud

Insecurity: Head shot

Insecurity: Base

Materials: Polymer clay, gold leaf, ruby charm, rubber stamps, feathers, beads, acrylic paint, wood, molding paste

Dimensions: 16.5″h; 4″x4″ (base)

Entry 3: The Green Man

The Green Man

The Green Man & Sprites

Green Man: Mid-front

Materials: Polymer clay, polymer clay tiles, glass mosaic tiles, beads, antique button, antique cross, sticks, rubber stamps, acrylic paint, mica powders

Dimensions: 13.25″t x 3″w x 3.5″d

The submission deadline for the Artisan Search 2011 was Monday, 9/13/10. Five semi-finalists in each of the five categories will be announced on Monday, 9/27/10. A grand prize winner will be chosen from the 25 finalists.

Best of luck to all of us!

2 thoughts on “Artisan Search 2011-Taking Another Leap

  1. Fantastic Amy.. I so glad you decided to join me in our quest… whatever happens we both busted our boundaries and that’s what matters.

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