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Photoshop Vignette Experiments


I’m finally starting to teach myself how to use Photoshop Elements to create digital art. This is one step in moving toward my vision of creating digital art cards, prints, and Spirit Messengers inspired by one source.

I bought the book Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle to use as my guide. So far, so good. I started at the beginning of the book with the lesson on creating vignettes. Vignettes are created by darkening the edges of a photo. Vignettes may give an image an eerie or mysterious quality. Vignettes remind me of old Victorian photos.

Here are a few photos of my experiments. You’ll see two pictures; how the original image looked before the vignette and how it looks after with the vignette effect.

Victorian Boys Before Vignette

Victorian Boys with Vignette Effect

The vignette here is kind of subtle. You can see a slight difference between the two images, especially on the bottom half of the second image.

For the next one I used an image of one of my early art dolls.

Roald before Vignette Effect

Roald with Vignette Effect

I like this one better. The vignette effect is a little more noticeable when compared to the original image. The opacity is a little darker in this example. Reminds me of some old high school senior photographs taken with special filters. (But I did not know anyone who looked like Roald in high school.)

This last one also uses an early Spirit Messenger that I made for my sister April. However, instead of using the vignette effect, I added a gradient background.

Health Spirit Messenger Before Gradient

Health Spirit Messenger after Gradient Effect

The gradient effect is fun because you have several options in colors and strength of the gradient. I really wasn’t quite sure what I was doing as I clicked on the various background choices. I liked this color combination as it seemed to go well with the colors of the Spirit Messenger. I was also bored with the vignettes and wanted to play around with another option.

So there are a few vignette and gradient experiments. It is fun to learn some of these basic effects, especially when I can now say “oh, that is how they do that.”

Coming up: new sculpted heads

3 thoughts on “Photoshop Vignette Experiments

  1. Those effects are very cool, Amy. I liked the last gradient effect the best. Hey, what does that boy have his foot on?

    • The rug under the boy’s foot does look like an animal skin doesn’t it? However, I don’t see an animal head attached to it. At least not in the original image. Maybe it was cropped/edited out. Certainly not something we’re used to seeing these days.

      I think the gradient effect is my favorite too.

  2. Love what you’re doing with the photos. It’s only the beginning.

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