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Took a Leap-Polymer Clay Class Scheduled


Over the weekend, I stared Mr. Fraidy Pants in the eyes and kicked him out. He was really putting up a fight and keeping me from moving forward with my plans to prepare class samples for a meeting at Ink About It.

Once I told him to bug off and wrote down my turn around phrases to counter his negative voice, it was like being set free. I spent over 14 hours between Monday and Tuesday finishing samples, writing class descriptions, and visualizing my meeting at Ink About It.

This morning I spent a few minutes meditating and visualizing, put the final touches on a couple samples and then packed everything to take to the store.

I’m happy to say that I took a leap today, the net appeared, and, after today’s meeting,  I’m on the schedule to teach the first polymer clay class at Ink About It!

And I didn’t even break out in a big, bad sweat.

My class at Ink About It, Liquid Polymer Clay Bookmarks and Tags, is Friday, October 1, 10am-2pm.

Full description, samples, and pictures will be available at Ink About It by the end of August. I’ll also keep you updated here on my blog and on my Facebook Fan Page: Amy A. Crawley Fine Art (HINT: Become a fan. I post almost daily updates on my fan page-new artwork, links, and all around creative goodness.)

Below is a picture of the pieces I took to Ink About It today. The bookmark samples are in the lower portion of the picture.

Class Samples

We also talked about a possible polymer clay ornament class for November or December. Stay tuned!

And Mr. Fraidy Pants? He’s looking for a new gig. Be careful though; he has a sister, Sally Scaredy Pants. Sometimes they like to work as a team.

2 thoughts on “Took a Leap-Polymer Clay Class Scheduled

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  2. .. and leap you did. Excellent. You must feel great.

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