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Carmen Birrdanda


One of my goals this year is to teach polymer clay classes in the fall. I’m planning to teach a series of beginner classes locally as well as offer classes on polymer clay art dolls.

The fun part (most of the time) in developing classes is working through the process of creating the artwork that you teach to your students. This is when you learn how many steps it actually takes to make the end product and whether your short-cut processes will really hold up. It is also a time to improve on your construction techniques. (Hmm, I’m sensing a future blog post here.)

One class that I thought would be fun is sculpting over a burned out light bulb. Burned out light bulbs can’t be recycled and disposing of them in the trash contributes to more waste in landfills; waste that doesn’t readily decompose. Sculpting over burned out light bulbs is, therefore, good for the environment.

Before the 4th of July holiday I started experimenting with this idea. What resulted from my experiment was Carmen Birrdanda.

Here is how she looked before her arms were finished:

Carmen Birrdanda-raw

Here she is after being cured in the oven, sanded, and antiqued (arms still not finished. She’s looking a little impatient.)

And here is Carmen in her final form. Her arms are finished with a mixed media technique. She is a bit of a cheeky bird with an independent streak. Note the red nail polish on her toes. Her sign reads “Will sing 4 seed.”

Carmen Birrdanda

She has an “inny” belly button. We discussed the possibility of a belly button ring or a little bling but decided she wasn’t quite old enough for that type of embellishment.

3 thoughts on “Carmen Birrdanda

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  2. I love how Carmen evolved. She’s wonderful! Her feet remind me of carrots. 🙂

  3. Amy, she came out great.

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