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A Good Day For Balloons

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The fourth cat head that I sculpted last fall has received his new body. This cat spirit messenger is inspired by our youngest cat, Pippin.

Tabby with Balloons

Tabby: A Good Day for Balloons is made from polymer over a foil and wire armature. His whiskers are Beadalon stringing wire. The balloons are made from air dry clay. His blue chair is polymer over a cardboard and foil armature.

Sealed inside the chair is this quote from Mary de La Valette:

Blessed are the animals
for they shall lead us back
to our lost innocence.

Tabby: A Good Day for Balloons makes his debut this weekend at the Paradise City Arts Festival (3/19-21) at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlboro. I’m in booth #432. Stop by and say ‘hi.’

One thought on “A Good Day For Balloons

  1. Amy… commenting on both recent posts.. Darwin and Tabby.
    I love the process you are showing how you creating them and what the end results are. I bet Pippin is proud to.
    can’t wait to see you at the show.

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