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Darwin-Part 1


Last fall I started sculpting cat heads. My first attempt resembled a cross between a cat, a rabbit, and/or a horse. You’ll see him in the picture below, left front.

Now I knew this little hybrid head would someday be used in a sculpture. He hoped so too. The question was, how would the muse see fit to use him in a piece of art.

Before leaving for Synergy, I sketched out an idea for hybrid head and started to construct a body for him.

Hybrid Sketch

His head is approximately 1.5″ in length. If I wanted him to be 12″ tall, he would need an 8″ body (1.5″x8″=12″).

Determining Head & Body Dimensions

The first challenge I would have with this piece was his head. His head was sculpted months ago and I used a thin eye pin for his future neck armature. However, to make the body I envisioned, I needed to decide how to attach the 16 gauge wire that would become his core body.

Attaching Wire to Head

I decided to drill a small hole in the base of his head near the original eye pin. I wrapped the top portion of the wire with small strips of foil and secured the foil to the wire with hot glue. Then I attached the foil and wire neck to his head with hot glue.

Next I began building his body with foil and masking tape over the 16 gauge wire. His arms were added and the bottom portion of the wire was bent for his future feet.

Darwin-Foil body

At this point, memories of dissecting frogs in Biology class came to mind. Poor guy!

Once the body armature was complete, a layer of scrap clay was added to form more of the body. Hands, feet, neck, shoulders, and portions of his arms and legs were added.

Darwin-core polymer clay body

During this process, I decided to give this fellow a proper name: Darwin (the missing link.) Given his hybrid head and oversized hands and feet, Darwin seemed like an appropriate name. I wonder if his namesake would’ve found anything like this creation on the Galapagos Islands.

Next: Darwin completed and fully clothed!

4 thoughts on “Darwin-Part 1

  1. Darwin is great! Can hardly wait to see his clothes.

  2. Hello Darwin! I loved following your process, Amy.

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  4. I think I like the stylized head better than the more realistic ones.

    It’s more playful and fanciful.


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