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Synergy2-The Banquet


In 2008 I missed the Synergy banquet due to illness. I vowed that would not happen this time around. This final post features pictures taken on the night of the closing banquet.

Before we sat down for the keynote, dinner and the auction, everyone gathered for drinks, a book signing, and conversation.


Janice Abaranel and Sandra McCaw

Libby Mills and Karen Ottenbreit

Quassia, Diane, and Helen (CT Guild)

Libby, Janice, and Me

Dayle Doroshow and Carolyn Skei

Even the Food was Artsy

Around 6:30 the doors opened to the “Mirror Room” for the final event.

Lisa Pavelka introduced the IPCA’s secret handshake:

On one side of the banquet room:

All Eyes on the Head Table

And the other side of the banquet room:

Alison Lee of Craftcast was our keynote speaker. Alison shared one of her favorite books, Mike and His Steam Shovel as a reminder to take on a challenge, to think creatively, and develop alternate solutions. (This also brought back memories of watching Captain Kangaroo and listening as he read this story.)

The banquet ended with Tracy Holmes leading a rousing auction of wonderful polymer artwork.

Synergy2 attracted over 175 attendees representing several countries including:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Israel
  • The Czech Republic
  • Germany

New friendships were formed and old friendships were reestablished. Synergy2 truly represented its theme of Exploring Connections.

For more thoughts on Synergy2, visit these blogs:

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5 thoughts on “Synergy2-The Banquet

  1. Amy, love the photos and also the report!
    I never knew about the IPCA secret handshake and I’m an executive board member lol!
    I was looking to see what Tracy Holmes was wearing as we were on a shopping spree together in January in Narbonne when her, Dan & Griffin came to stay with us!

    It seems from all I ahve read that Synergy II was a immense success!


    • Hi Kylee,

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the Synergy2 posts. I guess the secret handshake started at the IPCA clay event last summer. If I can remember all of it, I’ll show it to you someday.

      I think Synergy2 was very successful. Looking forward to hearing where it will be in 2012.


  2. You must feel re-energized!

    • Hi Paula,

      Great to hear from you. Yes, Synergy is quite energizing, a little overwhelming, and definitely a good networking opportunity.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. After reading all your Synergy posts, you really capture the essence of what it was all about. So glad you enjoyed it. The networking itself is invaluable.

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