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ArtSpace Maynard Holiday Art Show and Sale


My final holiday show for 2009 is this weekend at ArtSpace Maynard. ArtSpace is a great artist studio building, a converted school building, in Maynard. Personally, I think it was one of the best things the town ever did…and I can say that because I used to live there.

Anyways, there are 30 artists, both in-house artists and invited artists participating in this show. I haven’t done the show in a couple years and it will be fun to return to a show with a great group of eclectic, fun artists.

If you’re in the area, stop by and say “hi.”

4 thoughts on “ArtSpace Maynard Holiday Art Show and Sale

  1. Have a fabulous show, Amy!

  2. Amy.. I hope the show was a great ending to 2009. Family commitments kept me from you. Sorry I missed it.

  3. This sounds way fun! I wish I lived closer and could have gone – I bet there were some great things. How did it go for you, as your last holiday show of the year? xx

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