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Monday Reflection


What In Your Life Is Calling You?

What in your life is calling you?
When all the noise is silenced,
the meetings adjourned,
the lists laid aside,
and the wild iris blooms by itself in the dark forest,
what still pulls on your soul?

In the silence between your heartbeats hides a summons.

Do you hear it?
Name it, if you must,
or leave it forever nameless,

but why pretend it is not there?

-Terma Collective

2 thoughts on “Monday Reflection

  1. Can you please explain to me who/what is Terma Collective?

    Can’t find it on Google!


    Ken Phillips

    • Hi Ken,

      I haven’t found anything specific on The Terma Collective either, as to whether it is a group, organization, or something else. I have found numerous quotes attributed to The Terma Collective but not much else. My understanding is that “terma” means spiritual treasure. Maybe, then, Terma Collective, is a collection of spiritual treasures, and in this situation it is quotes and prayers. Sorry I can’t give you more information.

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