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Checking in briefly today. I’m in the midst of final preparations for the Paradise City Arts Festival show on Columbus Day weekend, October 10-12. I’m in booth #733, so stop by and say “hi.”

The past two days have been productive. I’ve got 15 little faces and wings for the Soulful Sprites, plus 15 little stones with words to complete them. I’ve made one small Cat in Striped Pajamas, to go with his big brother, and I’ve made 10 Heart in Hand Talisman which are now waiting for their hands to hold them.

I’ve also completed and sent off my October email newsletter to my collectors. If you’d like to be on my email newsletter list, please leave a comment on this post indicating your interest.

You know, some days you just can’t leave the sculpted heads alone and without supervision. I chuckled when I saw one head appear to give one of the ladies a kiss….

Gimme a Little Kiss

Gimme a Little Kiss

The head in the front right looks a little shocked!


No word yet on the results of my MRI. I haven’t received a call from my doctor which means one of two things: either he hasn’t received the report OR he has seen the report and nothing significant was found. I spent about 10 minutes on the phone with his office getting circulated from the front desk to the wrong office, back to the front desk and back on hold. At least they play relatively pleasant music. Unfortunately, I never reached the desired person and hung up. So I submitted an email via their online system.

I can say that my pain has been rather minimal since the MRI. Maybe I just need exposure to large, thudding magnets a couple times a year?


This weekend I started reading a book by Anne Paris, Standing at Water’s Edge. I plan to share a bit more about this book in the next day or two and the a-ha moments I’m already having. I’ve only read the introduction and first chapter and boy is it speaking to me.