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Blues and Transition

Hmm, does the name of this blog post sounds a bit like a folk album title or something similar? My first idea for this blog post was the very original “Post Vacation Blues” as a title. See what happens when you let an idea percolate in your head for a few days?



Yes, I’ve definitely had the blues these last few days since returning home from Southern France. I know the post-vacation let down is a common occurrence. I’m sure Eckhart Tolle has a name for it. But these blues seem to be heavier than others. It is one reason why I haven’t returned to blogging.

Our time in Southern France was awesome. The ladies in Dayle’s workshop were great; we got along well, shared a lot of laughs, and worked well together. I think we all wanted to take in as much as we could; to simply absorb everything.

Dayle introduced us to a number of artists from the United States, England, and France. We visited the Farmer’s Market, the Vide Grenier, Albi, Revel, Soreze, art galleries and artist studios, and even included time to make some art!  And after that Eric and I toured around some more, taking in a stage of the Tour de France, visiting Foix, and exploring Toulouse.  The weather was great, the food awesome, and the scenery spectacular. I have close to 900 pictures to review and edit.

No wonder I’m in a bit of a funk.

Which brings me to…


A friend on Twitter commented that she couldn’t wait to see what changes this trip would bring about once I returned. Naturally, I assumed this would refer to my art. And in some ways it might.

But what I’ve been thinking about these past few days since coming home is what direction I want to move with my art and my business.

Now I know this probably sounds like a broken record on my part. I’ve talked about this periodically for some time. First it started with separating my functional art and fine art into two distinct websites. Then it became focusing on my fine art instead of my production art.  And now I’m wondering about art all together.

Let me clarify that: I’m now wondering about the aspect of selling art versus the making of art; more specifically, the making of meaningful art, creativity, teaching, coaching, and spirituality.

That makes for quite a bit of stuff bouncing around in my head.

creativeentrepeneurbk-1 A while back I started to work through Lisa Sonora-Beam’s book “The Creative Entrepreneur.” Through a series of exercises and prompts, Lisa guides you through the visual journal process. One section in particular, “Pathway of Heart and Meaning” and the questions “What does your deepest creative longing look like? What do you want to be doing more than anything else?” revealed an interesting answer.

I was stunned and felt a very strong sense of excitement when I read my answer: “To combine art and spirituality as a means to developing one’s independence and creativity and goal attainment.” “…a women’s retreat center or gathering spot for art, creativity, coaching, spirituality; all forms of expression and a means of attaining independence, gaining self respect and respect from others.”


This idea, the possibility of teaching and coaching other women, has rattled around in my head for a few months. Of course, so has the thought of “who are you to think you can do this? What experience or expertise do you have?”

My experience in France has made this idea run even stronger.

So that is where I’m at; in a period of transition. I have started to ponder giving up retail shows for a year so that I may focus my energies on the development of an art/creativity/spirituality program. I won’t say if that is a good idea or not; we never know where our decision will lead us. However, I do believe that when one door closes, another opens. We just have to be aware and ready to receive it.

Speaking of doors, I took several pictures of doors, windows, and other portals during our trip. Certainly the doors, windows, and portals in European countries are inviting in their colors and design. I wonder, though, if my attraction to them this time around was even stronger because I feel something stirring deep inside. Maybe I’m looking for the right door to open and for me to walk through. Perhaps I’m looking through a window and wondering what I’ll see reflected back at me.