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20 Hour Challenge

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This week, as part of the 20 hour challenge, I spent 27.75 hours on art and business tasks. That breaks down as follows:

19.25 hours were spent on business specific items which included:

  • blogging (not including this post)
  • bookkeeping
  • submitting a seminar proposal to the International Polymer Clay Guild’s Synergy II conference
  • updating both of my websites
  • creating the content for and sending out my customer email newsletter
  • business related phone calls
  • updating my LinkedIn profile
  • packing and shipping wholesale orders
  • packing inventory for consignment stores
  • preparing for my artist demonstration at Five Crows (choosing art to take as well as materials and supplies)
  • preparing for my workshop with Dayle Doroshow
  • shopping for materials and supplies
  • drive time

8.5 hours were spent on art specific tasks which included

  • finishing up product for wholesale orders and consignment store inventory
  • creating finished canvases for the Canvas Project II exhibit
  • sculpting a head at the artist demo

The Canvas Project II exhibit is a non-juried exhibit of canvases, the content of which is inspired by select words sent to the artist by the exhibit organizers. Each participating artist receives 5 words and 5 3″x3″ canvases. Here are two of the canvases I completed this week:



When all 5 canvases are finished, I’ll post all of them along with the five words I was given to interpret.  To see the work of another artist participating in this exhibit, visit my friend Judy’s blog The Key to My Art.

Though not part of this challenge, I made a conscious decision to set my alarm for 6am three days a week which allows me a little more time in the studio in the morning. My goal is to start working in the studio (whether on art or business) by 9am. I also blocked off time for exercise this week and exercised 3 days in a row. That is 3 more days than I exercised the previous week, so I consider that progress!

How are you doing in your studio?

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