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Artist Demo & The Green Man


Please join me on Thursday, June 18 at Five Crows Hand Crafts & Gifts, Natick, MA, from 5:30 to 8:00PM where I will be demonstrating my techniques for sculpting heads, mokume gane, and circle in square extrusions as part of ART WALK.

ART WALK takes place on the third Thursday of each month. During ART WALK, the stores & shops in Natick center stay open late for customers to visit and meet various artists demonstrating their art & craft. Light refreshments are served.

The Green Man

The Green Man was started in July 2007 when his head was created at Klay Karma. I knew he would eventually become a Spirit Messenger. The main question was what his body would look like. In March 2008, I took a workshop with Laurie Mika. After that workshop, I began construction on The Green Man. I wanted to incorporate the mosaic techniques Laurie taught us into Green Man’s body.

Originally, I thought I’d try to do this on my traditional cylindrical bodies. That idea was quickly tossed when I began to think about how the tiles would need to be curved in order to fit the cylindrical shape. The next natural choice was a flat, box like shape.

Green Man progressed in stages over several months in 2008 until he looked like this:

Green Man 2008

Green Man 2008

Not too bad but not great. Something seemed to be missing from this piece.

As often happens when working on larger pieces, Green Man was put aside while I focused on filling and shipping wholesale orders, and participating in holiday shows. Green Man sat on my table, waiting.

I got advice and input from friends about Green Man; beneficial critiques. I made some improvements to Green Man during this time. However, he still was not ready for his formal debut.

Then, as I was preparing work for the Paradise City Arts Festival, the final improvement hit me. I was almost giddy when the solution struck. Have you ever had those moments like that when you’re so psyched with a solution to a problem that you can’t focus on anything else?

And here he is, after many months of construction, delays, abandoned ideas, and finally light at the end of tunnel:

Green Man & His Sprites

Green Man & His Sprites


On his front breast plate, above the central mosaic work, glass tiles were added along with a cross embedded in gold polymer clay. Below the mosaic work I added an antique button. This helped fill in empty space. And then the two sprites were added on either side of his head for balance.

Green Man has mosaic work on all four sides. The mosaic work includes glass and polymer clay tiles, glass beads, and hole-less beads. Small branches, natural and polymer clay, are also incorporated into this piece.

Right Side

Right Side



Left Side

Left Side

The Green Man is 13″ tall.

4 thoughts on “Artist Demo & The Green Man

  1. Hi Amy,
    Good luck with your demo tonight! I wish that I didn’t have an appointment scheduled because it sounds like a lot of fun. Teaching is an important part of your journey, I think.
    Hey, I remember when you created Green Man’s head at Klay Karma. How exciting to see his progression and the creative solutions you worked out.
    He’s a wonderful work of art.

  2. Amy.. there is such a difference once you added those tiles… I hope he’s happy too.

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