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Monday Reflection

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Today’s guest artist quote is provided by Dayle Doroshow:

Look fear in the face until he backs into the corner and applauds you.

-David Leveaux
Broadway Producer

Dayle explains why this is her favorite quote:

This quote has served me so well in situations where I was feeling underconfident or overwhelmed or without the necessary skills to handle a situation.  When I feel the anxiety, self doubt, or underconfidence rise, I whisper this quote to myself and it sends a surge of power to me and propels me forward in a positive way. I have used this quote before public speaking situations, or dealing with an uncomfortable situation that needed to be taken care of or even before going into the dentists office!  I hope it will give a sense of positive power to you too!

About Dayle: Dayle Doroshow is a mixed media/ polymer clay artist and owner of design studio Zingaro, stamp of distinction.   She trained in traditional ceramics at Riverside Bell Tower Pottery program and the Columbia University Extension program in New York City and sold her pottery in Greenwich Village shops.   Her jewelry, home decor, ethnic spirit dolls and handcrafted books can be seen at art shows on the West Coast.   Dayle enjoys teaching and sharing her techniques in workshops across the United States and in France.

Dayle’s website: Dayle Doroshow

One thought on “Monday Reflection

  1. I like this quote. It reminds me of something I blogged about a few years ago on creativity and fear: If I’m not a little afraid when I’m making art — afraid I’ll fail, afraid I’ll succeed, afraid that things are out of my control — then I know I’m not being really creative.

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