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The 20 Hour Challenge


This week I joined the 20 hour challenge on Twitter. This challenge was created by Lori Woodward Simons and the idea behind it is to encourage artists to work in their studios for 20 hours a week. Lori explains that 20 hours may be hard for some people to attain and for others 20 hours in the studio may only be the tip of the iceberg toward creating. The time we spend in our studio may vary and we have to find what works for us.

In this first week I spent 14.5 hours in the studio. That time was evenly divided between making art and attending to the business of art. And when I looked at that division of time I felt a little depressed. I think that has to do with remembering how disciplined I was before the Paradise City show; how focused I was on making art for the show and how I spent less time online. And since finishing my spring shows the discipline has gone out the window.

It doesn’t help that in my mind I’m this highly productive artist who enters her studio and hits the ground running. Actually, that image and the feeling that image brings should help. But it just wasn’t working this past week. Sometimes, when you set expectations of yourself and you don’t meet those expectations, it really stinks!

In my head I know I shouldn’t get down on myself about the lack of discipline. We all fall off the cart sometimes and when that happens you just have to get back up and start again. I know my work week was shorter because we were on the road on Monday. And I had a couple of appointments during the week. Are those excuses for not making 20 hours in the studio? Perhaps and not really.

What did I accomplish:

  • adding/removing inventory from the winery’s retail store and assisting new artists in adding their work to the guild’s display
  • creating an email newsletter announcing my artist demonstration at Five Crows
  • buying supplies for Dayle’s workshop
  • creating polymer clay sheets for business card cases
  • curing business card cases
  • assembling and packing business card cases for shipping
  • updated my blog

What I created this week is production work (business card cases). I’m not posting pictures because this work isn’t really new. If you’d like to see my business card cases, you can visit this page on the Moonroom Crafts website.

Fiber artist Lisa Call (a fellow 20 hour challenge artist) has a nice post on her blog on how she is tracking her time and getting things done. You’ll find it here.

Finally, Lori Woodward Simons has created a blog dedicated to the 20 hour challenge. You can read various posts from Lori and other artists here.

3 thoughts on “The 20 Hour Challenge

  1. Hey Amy.. I’m just catching up on your last few posts. First, you have so many accomplishments to be proud of.. wow… I love your heart in hand sculptures… Did you make those hands too? I should keep a list of my accomplishments also.. that’s a good exercise. I must accomplish to make the time to write my accomplishments down… ugh!

  2. Hi Amy, I think that you get a LOT accomplished for your business every week. When you write it down/type it out, it’s amazing how much you get done. So, perhaps, it’s the quality not the quantity? That said, I think it’s a good thing to discipline yourself to spend a certain amount of time in the studio every week. I would find it so difficult to work at home. I give you so much credit for doing that! You get much more done in 20 hours or less at home than I get done in 40+ hours a week at my go-to job. 🙂
    I loooove your new work!

    • Hi Karen,

      You’re right that discipline is a big part of running a business from home. And some days go better than others. The hard part is not beating up on myself for focusing more on one aspect of the business than another. I have to remember what Alyson Stanfield said and that is that we can’t do it all.


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