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New Soulful Sprites and Hearts in Hands Talisman

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Soulful Sprites

Two new Soulful Sprites, Joy and Luck, have been added to the collection.  Joy’s stone is in shades of pink and red. Luck’s stone is in shades of green and includes a small shamrock.


Each Soulful Sprite comes packaged in a clear box and sits on a nest of green shred. A story card is included.

Price: $25.00 each.

Hearts in Hands Talisman

New this spring are the Hearts in Hands Talisman. I made these small hearts months ago and had not decided on a good way to display them. Naturally a week or so before the Paradise City show the muse hit me to place the hearts into clasped hands. They were quite popular at the show and I plan to make them part of my line.

Each heart is made from polymer clay and stamped with inspiring words. Each heart is hand sanded, buffed, and finished with an acrylic wash. The Hearts in Hands Talismans have words on both sides and are removable from the clasped hands. Carry the heart with you, in your pocket, backpack, or handbag.


Current word pairs available: Heart/Soul, Heal/Hope

Each Heart in Hands Talisman comes packaged in a clear box nestled on a bed of green shred.

Height: 2.5″

Price: $30.00

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