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May Accomplishments-June Goals


The Yes-No Head

I had a few head shapes left over from the guild demo earlier this year. I thought it would be fun to take one of them and make a Yes-No head and mount it to a block.

You’ll notice that I tend to not give my heads hair. I like them bald. I think this is because a bald head looks vulnerable. When we don’t have any hair, we don’t have anything to hide behind or hide under. We are exposed for all to see; the lumps, bumps, and unevenness.

Front Says Yes

Front Says Yes

Back Says No

Back Says No

This sculpture features two distinct faces on either side of the head. The head is sculpted from polymer clay over a foil core. His eyes are hand painted. The head is attached to a Styrofoam block covered with paper maiche. The block is painted in green, copper, and gold acrylic paint. The letters were created with caulking and painted with black acrylic paint.

Height: 5.5 inches tall.

Price: $75.00

Celebrating Accomplishments and Planning Goals

At the beginning of this year, I started to keep track of my accomplishments for each month. This was prompted by an article in Alyson Stanfield’s December 15 2008 Art Biz Coach newsletter. Alyson recommended that we artists start a document on the computer or in our journal where we write down everything we’ve accomplished each month.  She provided a list of questions as prompts to help jog our memory. The key, however, is to list the accomplishments as soon as possible each month. Don’t wait till the end of the year to try and recall everything you’ve done.

What I like about this task is that you document everything you’ve done and then can stand back and say “Wow, I DID all that!” (Because, admit it, how often do we say to ourselves “I didn’t do anything today, this week, this month or this year” when we know darn well we did do something.) So take credit for all your accomplishments, big and small.

I thought about listing my accomplishments and goals earlier this year. Like many other ideas it was shelved (or forgotten). Now, I’d like to follow through on this idea. So here are my accomplishments for the month of May.

May Accomplishments

•    Attended two lectures by the Dalai Lama at Gillette Stadium
•    Got clear on my decision to focus more on fine art
•    Ordered three more banners for show booth
•    Worked on “Leak List” and energy drains for clearing clutter
•    Successfully organized and put on Bolton Artisans Guild spring art show (after a 3 year break)
•    Vendor at Paradise City Arts Festival spring show (3rd consecutive spring show)
•    Published (went live) with Amy A Crawley Fine Arts web site
•    Completed Christine Kane’s Uplevel Your Life Mastery class (7 weeks)
•    Meditated every day for 5-7 minutes
•    Bi-annual dentist appointment
•    Added 15 people to my customer mailing list
•    Began using a timer to focus my time on making art (e.g set timer for 55 minutes and work until it goes off)

June Goals

Here are my goals for the month of June.  It seems kind of light compared to previous months, especially in the run-up to the shows in May.

  • Website
    Update AAC site with dwelling series and other new work
    Add information regarding accepting payment via PayPal
  • E-zine
    Create e-newsletter regarding demo at Five Crows
  • Update customer mailing list
  • Create canvas pieces for Canvas Project exhibit
  • Complete wholesale orders
  • Prepare for artist demo at Five Crows
  • Deliver art donations to the Arts Alliance
  • Update inventory notebook: cross reference art show & consignment sales in inventory book
  • Daily journal writing
  • Read affirmations daily (2x/day)
  • Daily meditation
  • Prepare for trip to France/Dayle’s workshop, including materials/supplies
  • Register for Flickr account
  • Resume leak list clearing

Perhaps by listing my goals here I’ll improve my accountability because now you, dear readers, are aware of what I want to accomplish too.

3 thoughts on “May Accomplishments-June Goals

  1. Wow Amy, amazing list of accomplishments. Congratulations on fulfilling all of those goals.
    Your new Yes-No head is awesome!

  2. One word for all you’ve been accomplishing-



    • Hi Karen & Gera,

      Thanks for your compliments and support. I’m learning it is one thing to write down what we want to accomplish; it is another thing to write down everything we have accomplished. Sometimes we focus to much on the “doing” aspect and not the success of it.

      Glad you like the Yes-No head too.


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