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Creativity Coaching

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I mentioned yesterday that along with my spring show season ending, the Creativity Coaching training workshop I took with Eric Maisel also ended this week.  I am happy to announce that I successfully completed the training and am now ready to move forward with creativity coaching as an adjunct to my art business.

I participated in the training class last year as a free client when I was trying to decide if coaching was something that I might be interested in pursuing.  This winter, I decided I wanted to learn more about the coaching process and dove in with both feet.  The class was great and a wonderful learning experience. And I learned a bit about myself in the process while helping and coaching clients toward their goals.

During this time I also started working with Lisa Sonora-Beam’s book The Creative Entrepreneur. Using Lisa’s prompts in my visual journal, I came to realize that I’d love to host retreats for women that focus on art, creativity, and spirituality.  I’ve even jotted down a name for these potential retreats.

Would such a retreat be of interest to you?

For now, I’m targeting the fall as a time begin offering my coaching services. If this might interest you, let me know.

New Websites

Over the last few months I began working on two new websites for my art. I decided to separate my functional, production art from my fine art. These two lines are quite different and often target two different audiences.   I felt that having  both lines on one website was confusing to potential customers.  And frankly, I just didn’t like the way it looked.

Here are the links to these new websites:

Amy A. Crawley Fine Art

Moonroom Crafts

I’m also working on accepting payments for orders via PayPal and plan to have that information added to both sites shortly.

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