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Starting Over

…And all you want to do is stay in bed.
…And all you want to do is nothing all day.
But if you do that you’d be missing the world
because it doesn’t stop turning whenever you want.
You have to get up, get out and get gone
…and have some fun
…and get living

The Cure
“Gone” from Wild Mood Swings

I was completely exhausted by 6pm this past Saturday after the completion of my second art show in two consecutive weeks. That shouldn’t be any surprise as this second show was an event that I helped organize for our local art guild.  Compared to preparing for the Paradise City show, our guild show was relatively easy. I just didn’t realize how low I was starting run and it all caught up with me on Saturday evening.  As they say “Stick a fork in it…it is done!”

The curious thing that happens, though, after putting so much energy into these events is the post-show let down. All I’ve wanted to do for the last couple of days is sleep. My energy and motivation to get much done as been pretty low. I know I should heed what my body is telling me.

I think this let down is more intense, however, as several other events also drew to a close this week.  My seven weeks in Christine Kane’s Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program ended on Sunday. My 16 week Creativity Coaching training course with Eric Maisel also winds down this week. So many things ending at once. No wonder I want to sleep.

During these last few weeks I let slide several other things, like blogging, cleaning and clearing the clutter, Twittering (okay, maybe not such a bad thing to not spend a lot of time there) and some emails. My focus was singular: shows and shows.

One thing I’m not doing is beating myself up over the slippage. It doesn’t do me or anyone else any good. So I let some things slide; life happens. And now I start over.

Starting over began on Sunday by completing my weekly Sunday Summit which I didn’t do during all the show prep. This is a great little tool that asks you several questions about the previous week. You review your accomplishments, your blocks, you do a little self-coaching, and then you set priorities for the coming week.

Monday I returned to clearing and cleaning by setting aside 30 minutes to repack all my show stuff. Normally I might let that sit for a week or more. Not this time. This afternoon I’m sitting here looking at a nice clear studio floor. I have a few sniggly bits to clean up but otherwise everything is put away until the fall shows. Getting that stuff out of the way feels really good.

Continuing along the clearing and cleaning line I finally completed the list of donation items I’m giving to the Arts Alliance. I intended to deliver these items early in May. Ouch; talk about procrastinating. I’ll pack up those goodies as soon as I finish this post. Another item checked off the list.

With the end of the Uplevel Class, I’m going back to Day 1 and starting the course again. I plan to re-read one lesson each day. I’ve blocked off time to review my affirmations twice a day and am trying to return to daily journal writing at night. The summer is a great time to work on some new habits.

There are a few events coming up that I need to get ready for as well: submitting pieces for the Canvas Project, working on my submission for the Historical Interpretation Exhibit, and, most importantly, my trip to Southern France for a workshop with Dayle Doroshow.

I’m starting to feel more awake now and am definitely ready to start over, start again, and keep on plugging along.