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The Dwellings Series: Emergence


The next piece in the Dwellings series is Emergence.

Dwellings: Emergence

Dwellings: Emergence

And a closer shot of the center talisman:

Emergence Talisman

Emergence Talisman

Emergence is made from polymer clay over a foil and clay armature. The talisman is faux bone polymer clay embellished with copper beads, pearls, and turquoise. The talisman is not removable. The petals that embrace the talisman are finished in 18 kt gold leafing. Emergence is hand-sanded and buffed to a smooth finish. The base is polyurethaned wood.

This symbols in this piece are numerous. The green and yellow/gold in the surface design means healing and balancing, wisdom, communication, and the light of the sun. The copper beads symbolize transformation; the pearls symbolize infinite compassion, protection, and spiritual attunement. Turquoise is for healing and balance.

It was during the creation of this piece that I realized the Dwellings series represents the birth of a new direction in my art. It is my emergence.


Price: $450.00

6 thoughts on “The Dwellings Series: Emergence

  1. Hi Amy,
    I just thought that I’d drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog! And loving your new work too! I find when reading your blog/thoughts a kindred spirit of sorts. I very much admire your endless search for enlightenment, your creativity, and how you so honestly share yourself and your insights on life! Thanks! I for one, look forward to reading your blog every week! Just thought I’d let you know.

    • Hi Sally,

      I am honored and humbled by your compliment. Thank you; I appreciate it. And I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

      I checked out your Flickr site. I love the vintage ladies and the tile bracelet. Images of strong, independent women are a favorite of mine.

      Thanks again for visiting.


  2. Amy, this is amazing. Have a fabulous show!

  3. Amy, I love this. And it reminds me of the section on corn in the book Much Depends on Dinner – the spirituality involved in food. Darn, I loaned the book out, now can’t remember to whom.

    • Hi Becky,

      Thanks for the compliments. I didn’t think about the corn imagery until the piece was completed. The book sounds interesting. I looked it up on Amazon. One person’s summary about corn just made me realize how universal that food item is to so much in our daily lives. Wow! This piece of art now has even more meaning attached to it.


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