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Studio Re-do


The last few months I’ve been thinking about re-doing my studio. Some of this was prompted when Libby Mills started her blog series on artist studios. My studio was featured on her blog in June, 2008 and her questions put a little bug in my head about changing my studio. Then the artist studio magazines started to appear in the bookstores. Oh my. I could spend quite a bit of time flipping through those magazines soaking in all the awesome studios.

However, I don’t want another artist’s studio. I want my studio. And what I’ve learned in looking through those magazines is each artist has done something in his or her studio that makes it unique. It might be the color of paint on the walls, a favorite chair, or the decor on the walls.

I want to repaint the walls in my studio this year and I’m thinking about doing just that this summer. Until then, I’ve started rearranging the tables and pulling more stuff out of the closet. As crazy as that might sound, yes, I’m actually pulling stuff out of the closet and putting it into the studio. Part of this has to do with clearing out old stuff that I haven’t used in years or perhaps never used at all. Part of this is reorganizing stuff so I can see it. I’m a great model of “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to a lot of the supplies I’ve collected.

Here is the previous table layout in the studio which had two tables off the rear wall and one table in the middle of the room.

3studio2wktables1 6studiodormers

And a view of the closet:


In the new configuration, I moved the table from the middle of the room and placed it short end to short end with one of the tables on the rear wall which expands my work space from 6ft to 12ft. The small 4ft table was placed perpendicular to the 6ft table. This table folds in half and is easily removed to create more floor space.


The other change is the wire shelving you see between the two windows and the new, larger clock.


One of these units was in the studio closet. I bought two more last fall from Target and finally put them together. Now the three shelving units are in the studio which gives me better access to my mixed media supplies. All the container drawers are labeled so I know what is in each one (more or less.) Odd as it may be, I like having all these containers in the open. It feels more like a studio by having easier access to everything. I’ve also put some of the larger items I’ve collected from various antique stores and consignment shops (such as wood candle sticks, a turquoise blue wood spool, and a wood utensil drawer organizer) on the shelves as well. (Can you tell I love perusing antique and consignment stores?)

This rearrangement has also opened up some floor space which wants to be filled with a nice reading chair and perhaps a complimentary pillow. I found a chair at a local consignment shop. I hope to get back to the store in the coming week and make a final decision on whether or not the chair is a good fit.

I’ll post pictures of the goodies that I bought at the antique and consignment shops and if I buy that chair, I’ll share that with you too.

8 thoughts on “Studio Re-do

  1. I like what you’ve done with your studio. My experience has been that it takes a very long time (if ever) to get a studio working optimally. It seems to be an ongoing process.

    I’m in the process of moving. From a tiny mining town (Ajo) in Southern Arizona 2 hours from anywhere, to another tiny town (Oracle). Oracle has the advantage of being 20-30 minutes from Tucson. We bought a quirky 1 bedroom/1bath home with 4 (yes, 4!) garages. We’re in the process of converting one to an office for my husband, a photographer, and 2 to a studio space for me. That leaves 1 garage for storage. The cars get to live outside.

    So, I’m going to be making massive changes. My new studio is close to twice the size of my old one. You can check out some photos on my blog if you’d like.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for your compliments on my blog. I agree; it seems that getting a studio “right” can be an ongoing process. Sometimes it parallels where we are as artists and when we grow or change, so does the studio. Your new studio space sounds awesome.


  2. Your new studio configuation is wonderful, Amy !! I’ve enjoyed reading about your re-do process. My studio is in dire need of overhaul………..I have the same shelving and bins that you have, and the stuff that is in them is fairly well organized, thanks to my beloved label maker. However, I have accumulated more stuff that has no home yet, (it’s in boxes on the floor) and the room itself just doesn’t ‘feel right’ to me………I’ve been doing all my claying and beading in my dining/living room for almost a year. The rooms get a lot of natural light and there is more horizontal working space available. I’m one of those people who likes lots of light and big expanses of space…I know there are plenty of folks out there who create fabulous work on a tiny kitchen table, but I’m not one of them, LOL!
    Looking forward to seeing your consignment shop finds !

    • Hi Dora,

      You’re right that when a room doesn’t feel right it can be harder to be creative in it. Perhaps there are some small changes that you can make to your studio based on what your ideal studio would be like. For me, personally, when things get too messy in the studio my creativity gets stagnant. Sometimes just clearing space can get things moving again.


  3. You have a great space to do lots with. Up high to get light, etc… Spring time always makes me re-energized to purge and organize. This weekend we’ll be able to open up the windows.. yay.

  4. I love your studio makeover, Amy. It makes much better use of your space, I think, and you seem more comfortable in the space.
    I agree with Judy – spring is a great time for clearing away the old to make room for the new.

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