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Weekend Reading

Taking a Break: Getting frustrated in the studio? Painter Lori McNee reminds us that we all need to take a break sometime lest we pull a Van Gogh. Read Lori’s suggestions for easing the frustration here. And also check out her paintings. Beautiful work.

It is the Economy…so do something different: Havi Brooks writes about blaming the economy for why we’re failing. Read more here.

Help the Consumer Buy your Art: Sticking with Havi for one more post. She has some insightful comments for all small businesspersons who sell online. It is always good to hear from a potential customer on what works and doesn’t work. In other words: I want to buy your art, here are some ways to help me do that.

Choose the Right Words: Havi mentioned in her post above the use of stories to sell products. Continuing with that theme, Sherice Jacob on Copyblogger offers some good suggestions on choosing the right words to sell products.

Artists Help Artists Market: I know marketing is not a favorite part of business for many artists. Lindy G. Hanson offers some wonderful suggestions on how artists can help each other market their art here on her blog. And when you’re done reading her ideas, go here to see her great paintings filled with color and symbolism.

Is a Free Sample Good?:  I enjoyed Mark Silver’s thoughts on giving a free sample as part of your business marketing. (I just noticed that this post on Heart of Business is from 2006; it is still pertinent, especially in the current economic climate.) Do you give free samples as part of your business marketing?

Point-Counterpoint: Point: Shepard Fairey makes his case regarding the lawsuit over his Obama poster hereCounterpoint: Brian Sherwin of MyArtSpace>Blog provides a 4-part counterpoint to Mr. Fairey. Part 4 in response to the above blog post by Shepard is here.

Good Luck Symbols for Business: Twitter friend Avenefica shared this post on good luck symbols for business people. Superstitious or not the information is interesting. I’m thinking of a malachite elephant with Lakshmi’s footprints on it’s back and a bough from a jade plant in the elephant’s mouth. That should cover several bases!