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Antique Finds & Other Goodies


In yesterday’s post I mentioned a wooden potato masher as one source of inspiration for the shape of my exhibit entry. Then I realized I never posted pictures of the goodies I bought last year for use in future projects. Talk about being slow in getting my act together in posting these items. Well, as they say, the best laid plans….

Anyways, below are some items I bought from an antique store outside Stowe, VT.

Wood blocks and casters

Wood blocks and casters

One idea I have is to use the wooden alphabet blocks as bases for spirit messengers or perhaps body components. Wouldn’t it be fun to have them spin? The old casters would make fun ‘feet’ but I’d have to make sure the piece was meant to roll around. Perhaps they’d be better arms?

Masher, doorbell cover, drawer pulls

Masher, doorbell cover, drawer pulls

I fell in love with this doorbell cover the moment I touched it. I envision it as part of a mosaic wall piece, maybe with an eye or someone’s face staring out from the center.  It is a lovely brass piece with a natural patina. How about those drawer pulls? Or maybe they are curtain tie-backs? Either way they remind me of shields for some future spirit messenger. And in the back the wooden potato masher that has inspired my exhibit entry.

The next set of items I ordered from Helga at Art Chix last fall. So many goodies….

Niche and antique doll arms/legs

Niche and antique doll arms/legs

When I saw the niche, I immediately pictured it as the focal point of a mosaic wall piece with something lovely behind the doors. The disembodied doll parts, I mean, antique doll arms and legs, were too irresistible to pass up. Not sure how they’ll manifest themselves in a new piece of art. The small silver pieces are filigree arches that could double as crowns or halos I suppose.

Angel Images

Angel Images

Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

These last two pictures are collage sheets. I enjoy classic images of angels, Mary, and other women from the Bible. I also love images of women from the Renaissance, medieval times, and some of the art deco interpretations. There is something about their strength, spirituality, and independence combined with an air of romance that draws me in.

Mmm, taking a deep breath I can smell the rose the woman is caressing in the collage set above. Ah, to walk around in a flowing gown searching for fairies and drinking tea.

2 thoughts on “Antique Finds & Other Goodies

  1. Amy, those “goodies” up above have me hyperventilating. Those are so cool.. I love the thought of just making something from them.. Can’t wait to see what you do.. Great choices on choosing the beautiful collage sheets! Just lovely to even look at without doing anything with them.

    • Oh and I didn’t even dig out the antique goodies I bought when you and I visited Concord last fall, Judy. Remember how fun that was?! I’ll have to show them in a future posting.

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