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Weekend Reading: Link Sharing

Numerous informative links to blogs and web sites were shared this week on Twitter.  Here are some I thought you might also be interested in:

Daily routines: Ever wonder how other artists, writers, politicians, and other folks spend their day? Check out Daily Routines for some curious and fascinating reading. You might find your daily routines aren’t that all unusual. A two hour breakfast in bed, anyone?

Quick blog posts: Where do you think the idea for this post came from?  Michael Martine shares 10 ways to create blog posts in 10 minutes on his blog, Remarkablogger.

Creative renewal: I recently signed up to receive Dan Goodwin’s newsletters Create Create! He also has a nice blog on creativity, CoachCreativeSpace, and recently posted 7 steps to creative renewal. Some simple reminders that are easy for us creative-types to forget when we get overwhelmed.

Small biz folks unite: I was recently pointed to the blog Modish Biz Tips which focuses on self-employed creatives. Topics covered include marketing, finances, start-up 101, and interviews with fellow self-employed creative types. Check out her new post on ‘When You Feel Like You Just Don’t Measure Up

Artist Statements: Luann Udell has a 3-part blog post on writing artist statements. The impetus for this? Creating a list of 25 random things about herself on Facebook. I love this idea. That list, as an exercise, became the starting point for creating a new, potentially improved artist statement as well as the blog posts.  Pretty neat. Read part one here, part two here, and you’ll find part three here. (And there may be more to come.) Go write your list of 25 random things; me too.

Unsustainable Business Models: A curious blog post directed to museums on their traditional business model: To survive, not succeed. And what is wrong with that? Well, if your goal is to survive and not necessarily succeed, do you stagnate? Do you stop innovating? What is the flipside of this? An unsustainable business model. A great example is given of The Machine Project whose purpose is to do great stuff while it can, and when it can’t do it anymore, it will stop. This post made me think about artists and the current economic climate. Are you still innovating, still pushing the envelope or are you simply trying to survive? Are you using the economy as your excuse? Go read Museum 2.0 and tell me what you think.

Secrets of Gray Hair: Finally, a little insight into those pesky gray hairs that have started to appear. This was an interesting article in the NY Times as a follow-on to the previous week’s buzz about President Obama’s graying hair. Stress related? Possibly. Genetics? More likely. That and a few chemical changes. All parents are saying ‘great, something else to get blamed for.” Learn more about your gray hair here.