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Birds of a Feather BS


These lovely birds of a feather may not typically flock together but they certainly do in my studio.

One of my goals this year is to move away from my traditional cylindrical shaped bottle stoppers and introduce sculpted stoppers.  In doing this I address my deep desire to create more sculpted art and to have more fun in the studio. I also feel more aligned with my one year vision.

Each bird is hand sculpted which means each bird is unique as the message from my hands to the clay changes day to day.  Some days I work the clay harder.  Some days the body is more egg shaped. Some days the bird is chubby and on other days he is small.

This new trio of birds includes a crow, a bluebird, and a cardinal.  Each is available for purchase individually or in a set of three. A descriptive card on each bird’s symbolism is included.

The Crow

The Crow

In Native American culture, the crow is symbolic of being easy-going, romantic, soft-spoken, patient, and intuitive in relationships, idealistic and diplomatic.

The Bluebird

The Bluebird

The bluebird symbolizes happiness sought.  The origin of “Bluebird of Happiness” is from a 1909 play, “l’Oiseau bleu.”

The Cardinal

The Cardinal

The Cardinal represents passion, warmth, and vibrancy that is available to us.  The cardinal tells us to step into our natural confidence and to lead with grace and nobility.

Bird Trio

Bird Trio

6 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather BS

  1. I really like the forms of those birds! Wonderful! How about the same as non-functional sculptures?


    • Thanks Gera.

      Hmm, free standing bird sculptures with symbolic information attached and displayed as talisman perhaps? Now you’ve got me thinking of other possibilities. Thanks again.


  2. I LOVE the shapes of these birds Amy. They are just delightful! Dayle

  3. Love these stoppers, Amy ! And I like the symbolism represented by each bird.

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