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When Life Puts You On A Wind-Hold

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As happens periodically at ski mountains, the weather changes, the wind kicks up and you’re put on a wind hold.  Here at Sunday River we’ve been greeted by the incoming Alberta Clipper which is ushering in single digit and below zero temperatures and strong winds.  Up to 40mph winds are possible today.  And when that happens the mountain often institutes a wind hold.  Chair lifts stop running, especially at the higher elevations and you’re stuck trying to decide what to do with your day.

Most of the wind holds happened this morning before the trails were open so skiers weren’t stranded.  There was even a mention of the mountain possibly shutting down if the wind became too strong.  (Note: a wind hold does not mean they stop the lifts with people on them if the lift is already running. They won’t let anyone else on the chair, they get those on the chair off as quickly as possible, and then they shut down the chairlift.)

But the concept of a wind hold brought to mind those times when something comes up in life unexpectedly.  You’re moseying along with your plans to do A, B, C but nature has something else in mind.  Somewhere along the way life throws a gusty wind into your plans.  Now you have to decide to proceed into the headwind or accept the gust and create an alternate plan.

Sometimes when we move into the headwind, we find ourselves struggling the entire way.  Head down we go into the wind, we move slowly, one foot and then the other.  We might have to stop to catch our breath.  We mutter and ask “why the heck did I do this?”  “Why is this so hard?”  Sometimes the headwind pushes us back and we find ourselves right back where we started from.

If we accept the gust that blows in, we might be able to work with it.  Perhaps we alter our plans to accommodate the change and find ourselves gliding right along.  An alternative may present itself that ends up being better than our original plan.  We’re not struggling.  We’re not pushed back to where we started from.  We’re not exhausted from fighting the wind.  In fact, we might feel pretty darn good.

Back here at Sunday River a few lifts have opened on the lower slopes.  Eric reports that it is cold outside and the wind gusts have been worse.  I opted to stay inside where it is warm and cozy.  Tomorrow offers another opportunity.

How do you handle life when the winds of change kick up?

One thought on “When Life Puts You On A Wind-Hold

  1. I am placing this comment because I have read a lot of articles online and yours was one of the best and most informative I have read in a while. Thank you!

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