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Just a Quickie

We’re taking a few days off for some mid-week skiing at Sunday River in Newry, Maine.  Whenever we travel one activity I enjoy is reading store marquees, announcement boards, street signs, and just general observation of the surroundings are we drive through towns.  Here are some of my favorites from our drive to Maine.

  • “Hip Hop Hootenanny” (hip hop meets square dancing?)
  • “Buy a home with no money down; ask us how” (question: isn’t that what contributed to the financial meltdown?)
  • “Spiro Avenue”
  • “Bulk crickets in stock now” (local feed store)
  • “Live Bait-Hot Soup” (general purpose store)
  • “Piste-off Ski Shop”
  • “Clean Phill Wanted” (yep, nuff said)
  • Pleasant Valley Cemetery…just down the road from the Hungry Hollow School (Remember Stephen King is from Maine)