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Carry a Small Grape


Carry a Small Grape is the title of the third story in Chapter 3, Intensity: Say Yes of Life is a Verb by Patti Digh.

In this story, Patti describes her youngest daughter’s obsession with carrying around a small object.  Tess carried her little object wherever she went; outside on the swings, in her bedroom (where it slept under her pillow, of course), on the seat next to her in the carriage.

What was the object?  Two small bars of hotel soap lovingly preserved in a ziploc bag.

Digh goes on to tell of the same affection her daughter developed for a tiny grape that she found during snack time; how Tess gushed over the tiny grape, how fragile the tiny grape was to her, how teeny-tiny cute it was.  The grape was also carried around by Tess and given a place of honor in a bed of toilet paper placed inside the lid from a bottle.

These small objects are Tess’s talismans; her good luck charms.  They bring her joy and she, in turn, treats them with great reverence.

We all have talisman; a rabbit’s foot, shiny pennies, a favorite pen, a piece of jewelry, a pair of socks, a feather, a shell, a rock or momentos from a favorite vacation.  These are items that bring us joy, bring us luck, bring us comfort.  We cherish them and, perhaps, feel a bit of sadness when they fall apart or when we lose them.

Sacred Space

Sacred Space

In my studio I have a small, sacred space.  In this space I have a statue of Buddha, feathers, shells, pictures, and other small trinkets that I’ve collected along the way.  Here I can sit, meditate, contemplate, and enjoy these trinkets.  However, I don’t carry any of these items with me, like Tess carried her tiny soaps and grape.

At the end of the story, Digh encouraged readers to think about their “grape”; the item or items that create wonder in us and that bring us joy.  Then she challenges us to create a collage or drawing or poem of these items and to make that our personal talisman that we carry with us.

I finally got around to making my talisman this weekend.

Joy Talisman

Joy Talisman

My talisman, my “grape” includes a picture of Eric and I, Woody, Pippin, and a picture from our trip to Santa Fe.  It came together easily, except for choosing a picture from one of our vacations.  I decided on the shot from Bandelier because it symbolizes the awe with which I view our world.  We are but a tiny portion in the immense universe.  And the words are some of my favorites.

This talisman is the size of a standard playing card or ATC.  It fits into my purse so I can carry it with me wherever I go.  And when I’m in need of a little grounding, of a little wonder and joy, I can pull out my talisman and breathe.

What is your talisman?

7 thoughts on “Carry a Small Grape

  1. I carry a rock in my pocket every day. I have different types of stones with different energy and powers. Depends on the day which one I’ll pick up from my bedside stand.

    I bought the rocks at a cool shop in Black Mountain, NC before a retreat with Christine Kane, so they are extra special.

  2. Great post, Amy. I love your talisman!

    I carry 3 crystals in my pocket everyday and they remind me of my connection to the earth and all living beings.

    Most days I wear a pendant that I purchased from Nina Bagley. It says “Write” and reminds me of one of my passions that I would like to nurture and grow.

    • Hi Karen,

      You’ve reminded me that I have another talisman: a tiger eye and wood bead stretch bracelet that I wear to keep me grounded and focused. And your Nina Bagley pendant is wonderful.


  3. Nice photos! Thanks for sharing.
    My auny many, many years ago gave me this small plastic statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The kind that has a magnet on the bottom so you could place it on the dash board of your car. That’s how old it is.
    Anyway, I carry it around with me stashed away in the bottom of my purse. She is my faith booster when I’m having bad days.

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