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Daily Tarot: Judgement



It does seem curious that as the Daily Tarot series ends on a Sunday, the final card is Judgement.  Judgement is known as the karmic card.  That is, “as you sow, so shall you reap.”  This card signifies judgement day and represents karma.

Judgement represents the result of the seeds you’ve previously planted as well as past efforts that are now being rewarded.  Judgement indicates renewal and revival; dormant matters are now coming back to life.

When you draw this card, a general feeling of rejuvenation is given.  Now is the time to be happy with new beginnings afoot.  Liberate yourself from old attitudes or patterns of behavior.  Make choices and do so without blaming yourself or others.

Judgement tells us it is time to “get off the fence,” to make choices, and wake up to new possibilities.

Zodiac affinity: Pluto

3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot: Judgement

  1. I love this cards, it tells me when I do something that will lead to success.

  2. Hi!
    What deck is this card from? It’s so beautiful!
    – Rachel

    • Hi Rachel,

      These tarot cards are beautiful. The cards are from the Gilded Tarot deck which came as part of the Easy Tarot Handbook kit. I bought it several years ago at a local, independent bookstore. The book’s author is Josephine Ellershaw. Perhaps it is available online as well. Thanks for stopping by.

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