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Daily Tarot: The Tower

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The Tower is not an easy card as it indicates a sudden or unexpected change or ending that may bring a sense of catastrophe or chaos with it.

The Tower represents the structure you have built securely around yourself, your defense system, a tower or crumbling old lighthouse warning danger.  Sometimes locked within the many rooms of your lighthouse or tower are things that need throwing out; a declutter of emotions and feelings that no longer serve your current purpose.

Sometimes, when the Tower is drawn, there is already anticipation of something of this nature, yet we often stay blind to the possibility, having a sense of denial.  In the positive, the Tower can indicate having the ability to see the truth in a matter and to build anew for the future, this time with a solid foundation.

The Tower represents “man-made” beliefs and philosophies, frequently false, and the lightening from heaven represents the moment of illumination to see things as they really are.  As the saying goes “the truth shall set you free.”

Zodiac affinity: Mars

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