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Daily Tarot: Temperance


Temperance, a lovely, gentle card representing the integration of opposites.  In the image, the woman holds a silver cup; silver represents the subconscious.  In her other hand she holds a gold cup; gold represents the conscious.  One cup contains fire, the other cup contains water; again you have opposites being integrated.

When you draw the Temperance card, it tells you that constant flow and balance are necessary to attain harmony.  Temperance represents moderation, having patience, the ability to compromise, to find satisfactory solutions, diplomacy, and cooperation.

Earlier this week we discussed the card Justice, which represents balanced thought.  Temperance represents balanced emotions.

Sometimes referred to as the Alchemist, Temperance represents the successful blending of opposites;  harmony between your desires and your needs.  You are mentally and emotionally in balance.

Zodiac affinity: Sagittarius