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Daily Tarot: Justice


Justice, a Tarot card with great meaning as seen in the image depicted.  Here a woman stands between two pillars which symbolizes the need to balance duality.  Her white gown stands for purity of purpose and her blindfold signifies impartiality.  In this image the scales of justice are carefully balanced.  Further, the symbols in this card show the essence of duality and the need to keep all things in balance.

Justice is indeed a card of balance.  It represents rational, logical balance rather than emotional and usually indicates a beneficial outcome.  When you draw this card, you need to do what is right. That is, take a very rational view of the situation or issue at stake.  Don’t be judgmental about your actions or intentions or those of others.  Take responsibility for your choices.

Justice asks us to look logically and objectively at ourselves, to find the whole truth and nothing but the truth even if it means recognizing that we have made mistakes and thus must make ammends accordingly.

Zodiac affinity: Libra