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Daily Tarot: The Chariot

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Today’s Tarot card is The Chariot, a card of triumph though not without effort.  The archetype of the Chariot is self-assurance and the spirit to get what you want.  A great deal of potential exists with this card but the end result depends on the effort expended to make it a reality.

The Chariot tells us that self discipline is required along with focus and perseverance.  The Chariot also signifies the qualities required to succeed over any obstacles that lie ahead.

This card tends to show inner conflict that needs to be controlled in order achieve success.  Perhaps you are being pulled in two directions or have conflicting influences in your life.  Here, focus is needed on one path; scattered energies will not bring achievement of the goal.

The Chariot tells us that you will achieve success in any enterprise and overcome all obstacles in your way.  Confidence, a healthy ego, and self-belief, strong motivation, and self-will are key to progress.  Self control or an outside controlling force will help you achieve your goals.

Zodiac affinity: Cancer

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