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Daily Tarot: The Hermit


Today we look at The Hermit, a card whose meaning seems to reflect how I feel on this cloudy, rainy day here in Massachusetts.

The Hermit, in this deck depicted by an elderly man with white hair and beard, signifies careful thought and contemplation.  This card tells us it is time to withdrawal from the outside world in order to reflect and find inner wisdom.  In fact, the elderly man’s white hair and beard are symbolic of the wisdom of his years.

When you draw the Hermit, you learn that all the answers are within you but you may need some introspection to access them.  This represents the most secretive part of ourselves.  It also signifies that inner healing may be needed in order to create a more emotionally balanced way of looking at life.

The Hermit tells us: know theyself.  It is a time for self-acceptance, reflection and contemplation.

Zodiac affinity: Virgo