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Daily Tarot: The World


Today’s Tarot card is The World, another positive card.  The World signifies that you are becoming more aware of who you are, your limitations, your choices, and taking responsibility for yourself.

The World is depicted in this deck by a dancer wearing purple; purple is symbolic of spirituality and wisdom.  In each hand she holds a white wand representing polarization and unity of duality.  This card indicates the final synthesis of combining and harmonizing two opposites into one.  The wreath of laurel leaves symbolize victory and triumph.

This image represents the perfect union of all things; oneness with the cosmos, self-realization, harmonizing of all states: inner, outer, self and nature.  Here we return to the original divine state from which we came.

Drawing the World card indicates assurance of success, victory and triumph, accomplishment of a goal that has been steadily worked toward.  It is time for celebration of self and others.

Zodiac affinity: Saturn