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Daily Tarot: The Lovers


I was in high school when I bought my first deck of Tarot cards.  Though I can’t remember the name of the deck, I can still see the original packaging; a box with yellow trim and an image of a card on the outside of the box.  I don’t think it came with a book explaining the cards.

For me, exploring Tarot cards, reading fantasy, black magic and occult based fiction, and using the Ouiji board were not only acts of rebellion against the Catholic church and Catholic school but also ways to learn about earth based religions and understand our own connections to the spirit world.

One time a friend created a portable Ouji board and brought it to school so we could use in during breaks.  Imagine our surprise when one of the nuns stuck her head in the empty classroom where we were sitting and said “Oh, a Ouiji board huh?”  That was the extent of her reaction, along with an impish smile.  (Come to think of it Sister Jan did remind me of an elf with her short black hair and slightly devious smile.)

I don’t know whatever happened to that original deck of cards.  At some point all those things you explore in high school are put aside and college, career, and adult life take over.

Last year, after having an aura/chakra reading, I found myself buying angel cards, vibe cards, and soul coaching cards.  And yes, I bought a beginners Tarot card deck.  I didn’t do anything with the Tarot cards initially, other than shuffle them and look at each card.  Recently, however, I noticed Tarot cards were being mentioned more often in conversation, friends and I had Tarot card readings, and another person I know mentioned using them for artistic inspiration.

Maybe it was time to bring out that beginner’s deck and to start learning more about my Tarot cards.

In order to become familiar with the cards, I first went through the major arcana and chose cards that I was attracted to.  “Major Arcana” means “great or big secrets” and represents fundamental energies of life.  The major arcana consists of 22 cards representing archtypal influences at work in the individual and in society at large.

For the next 22 days, I plan to draw one card per day from the major arcana.  This will give me the opportunity to work with the card throughout the day, contemplating its meaning and what it represents.

Today’s card is The Lovers

The archtype of The Lovers asks you to think about what you personally mean by love and to take responsibility for your choices.  Love is different things to different people.  This card also suggests that you be more aware of who you are and the values placed on love relationships.

The Lovers represent the power of love and how we deal with it.  Here we are seeking wholeness, fulfillment through a relationship, being true to our values and knowing what is right and wrong for us personally.  This particular card shows the lovers surrounded by water which is symbolic of the world of our emotions.  Here the lovers represent the harmony of combined polarities, male and female, the perfect union expressed through love.

The Lovers show us that love of one creates compassion for others.

The Lovers zodiac affinity is Gemini.

2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot: The Lovers

  1. Found you on Twitter. I love this deck. Ciro’s art is amazing to me.

  2. Hi Arwen,

    Yes, Ciro’s art is stunning. I like his addition of personal symbolism such as animals and machine parts.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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