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Milagros Spirit Icon: Mouth

Our Words Are As Good As Our Deeds

The third Milagros Spirit Icon in this series is the mouth (or lips/mouth.)  Our mouths are portals through which we express our feelings and thoughts and through which we receive sustenance.  A mouth Milagros represents words and language.  In Milagros tradition, representation of mouths and lips is rarer than other body parts.

Mouth Milagros are used to cure both tangible and anxiety-created problems.  Mouth Milagros are a symbol of the sacred trust you have with your own body.  When you eat, contemplate your meal and ensure that the food you eat is nutritious.  When you speak, listen to yourself.  Consider that what you say is a reminder to others of your thoughts and beliefs.  Never underestimate the effect your words may have.


Milagros Spirit Icon: Mouth