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Words Fall As So Water Falls


The Bolton Artisans Guild’s theme challenge this year was “water.”

I first considered creating a spirit messenger and then decided to create something different from my usual line of work.  I knew I wanted to have words in my piece for the exhibit.  So I asked a few people to send me a list of words that they thought of when they heard/read the word “water” for incorporation in the piece.

At first I thought I’d create a piece that resembled rippling water with concentric circles spreading across the surface.  And then, while I was out on a walk, the idea came to me.  As I walked past a neighbors house, I heard water flowing and there it was…a small water fall.  Next thing I know, the idea popped into my head to have those words, the water words, flowing down a water fall.  Intrigued with the flow of rolling water, up, over, and down, I tried to capture that same movement through the use of water related words as they flow over the canvas: up, over, and down.

And thus, Words Fall As So Water Falls came into being.

As Water Falls So Words Fall

Words Fall As So Water Falls

To create this piece, I started with a pre-stretched canvas, created the “rolling” water, covered the canvas in brown paper bag, applied gesso and several coats of acrylic paint in water-like colors.

The water words were printed on tissue paper and applied over the rolling water.  Then this piece sat on my work table for a couple of days.  I knew this piece needed something else to complete it but I wasn’t sure what exactly.

And once again on another walk while contemplating this piece the idea for mosaic tiles popped into my head.  The tiles have images from Native American and Celtic cultures that represent water.  The Spanish moss, raffia, and sticks represent life found around water.

5 thoughts on “Words Fall As So Water Falls

  1. This is really beautiful! Did you make the tiles yourself, as well? I love the colors and the final realization of your idea.

  2. Thanks Pearl!

    The tiles are made from polymer clay, impressed with Native American or Celtic images, highlighted with mica powders and seed beads. After curing I put a glaze over the surface to seal the mica powders.

    It really was fun watching this piece come together.


  3. This is beautiful, Amy. You did a great job conveying your idea! The addition of polyclay tiles was perfect.

  4. Great piece, Amy ! The tiles are beautiful, and I like how the ‘water words’ are superimposed over the water, so they integrate into the design

  5. Thanks for the compliments Karen and Dora. This piece feels pretty special, especially knowing what inspired it and how it came together.


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