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Milagros Spirit Icons-Hands

Here are two pictures in the periodic posting of my Milagros Spirit Icons series. These two Milagros Spirit Icons represent the hands and/or arm. The hand/arm Milagros represents our connection to others. Our hands are the way we relate to the world; we reach out to others and others return our touch.

The hand/arm Milagros also represents labor; that which we use to complete our work; and are the instruments through which our creativity flows-through art, music, writing. Finally, the hand Milagros can represent healing through touch/massage, energy/Reiki, and prayer.

Look at your hands and think of all the ways you use them throughout the day. Your hands are one of your connections to the world.

Hand Milagros Spirit Icon

Hand Milagros Spirit Icon

Milagros Spirit Icon Hand & Arm

Milagros Spirit Icon Hand & Arm


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