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Bats in the Belfry


Last summer we had a mouse that built a nest in our BBQ several times. One time I opened the cabinet doors on the BBQ and found a toad sitting inside the doorframe. We’ve even found a toad clinging to the inside of the patio table umbrella.

But a bat was the last animal I expected to find this summer.

As Eric started to open the umbrella, something caught his eye. There was a bat clinging to the inside of the umbrella! The little guy appeared sleepy and not quite sure what was happening. He moved around a bit, climbed to the top of the umbrella and settled back in.

Obviously we had awakened him.

Obviously he thought it too early (and too bright) to leave his quiet abode. He stared at us briefly and then tucked his head back into his wings.

We finished preparing our dinner on the BBQ and ate inside the house.

After dark, Eric went back outside to check on LB (little bat) and to remove him from the umbrella. But LB was a smart little bat and he’d already left for his nightly adventure.

Eric closed the umbrella tightly and secured it with a tie.

Ah nature. Simply fascinating.

2 thoughts on “Bats in the Belfry

  1. Oh, that is so cool, Amy ! I’m glad you let the little fellow rest, and that he left on his own. Bats do sleep in some strange places !

  2. Hi Dora,

    It was fun to watch LB. I wanted to just sit and observe him but didn’t want to startle him either. I guess he realized the patio umbrella wasn’t a good home as he hasn’t returned.


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