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Milagro Spirit Icons: The Heart


Milagros is Spanish for Miracle. In Folk Art, Milagros are talismans against illness, trouble and pain. They are symbols of hope or dreams; a promise made or fulfilled.

I became intrigued with Milagros during our trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico in September, 2007. The Milagros I purchased during that trip became the inspiration for this series of icons.

Today I present the Heart Milagro Spirit Icon. The heart Milagro represents love, healing, and gratitude. It is the most common image offered at shrines. Unlike our heart valentine, traditional heart Milagros are anatomically correct; some even have blood vessels coursing across the front. A heart Milagro may bring you a healthy heart, and may bring passion to your life and to the love you have for another.

The Heart Milagro Spirit Icon is approximately 10″ tall. His halo is a hammered bottle cap with a patina finish. The Milagro can be removed and worn on a necklace or bracelet. The Blessing Bottle holds prayer or wish.

9 thoughts on “Milagro Spirit Icons: The Heart

  1. Oh Amy, I love him, he’s wonderful. And I love the way you’ve brought such meaning to your creation with the inspiration from the milagros. The colorful pattern on his body is fabulous. Is that paint on polymer?

  2. Hi Karen,

    The Heart Milagro’s body is a scrap scape cane that stretched and cracked as it was thinned. Gold mica powder was applied over the surface to give it a nice sheen. Micro beads were applied in between the strips of patterned clay for added texture.

    Thanks for your kind words.


  3. Amy.. to echo Karen’s comments.. I love him also… You work is so perfected, it seems. He’s almost glowing and trying to project something for sure.

  4. He came out wonderful Amy!

  5. Thanks Judy and Cat! I appreciate your encouragement.


  6. I, like Karen, enjoy the way you bring meaning to your art. It’s thoughtful and beautiful. And I love how you can remove him and wear him as a necklace or bracelet. He has very penetrating blue eyes – the kind that warm the heart!

  7. Hi Janice,

    Thank you for the compliment. Yeah, I’m kind of partial to blue eyes.


  8. Stunning! I love the simplicity of your milagro shape and the complexity of all the tiny details. Inspiring!

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