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Small Milagro Spirit Icons


In a burst of energy as I was preparing for the Paradise City show last month, I decided to create not only the large Milagro Spirit Icons (which I will post; I promise) but smaller Milagro Spirit Icons.  To keep the retail price affordable, I used small face molds (versus sculpting each head), created a solid form body structure, and mounted the icons on a base of polymer clay.  The Milagros were created from hand colored and stamped shrink plastic (versus authentic handcrafted silver Milagros.)

Therefore, these icons were a little simpler in construction than the large icons and were also created in batches (e.g. all the heads at once, all the bodies at once, etc).  By taking a production-like approach I was able give them a mid-level price tag which placed them in-between the price of the Vaughn Hills Sprites and the large Milagro Spirit Icons.  And each one still retains its own personality.

8 thoughts on “Small Milagro Spirit Icons

  1. So colorful! I’ll bet they’ll be popular, particularly among those who are looking to spend a little less. Always nice to have a more frugal option when possible!

  2. Love all the beautiful colors you’ve used with your clay!! Dolls came out very cool!

  3. How tall are they?

  4. They are great, Amy !! So lively and colorful, and it’s a great idea to have a less expensive alternative to the full-size dolls..

  5. I love them. Your Art Doll passion is shining through!

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the compliments. It is indeed fun to move into some more colorful pieces.

    Cat, the small milagros are approximately 4″ to 6″ tall.


  7. Love them! Are you selling them?!


  8. Thanks Joyce! Yes, I am selling the small Milagros Spirit Icons. They range in price from $65.00 to $85.00 and in height from 4″ to 6″ approximately.


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